Installations, Repairs or Modifications – We do it all.

Whether you’re starting with a classic rig or bought brand new, we can do anything to bring your 4×4 dream to life. We handle everything from installing add-ons to completely building the entire off road vehicle itself.

“All of our 4×4 services are handled by our team of certified technicians. With over 25 years under the belt, we’ve seen just about everything.”

So why does a 4-Wheel Drive Center also specialize in Light Commercial Equipment?

In Alberta many Oil and Gas fleet vehicle need to be four wheel drives. Our staff know four wheel drives from bumper to bumper. When it comes to just a simple custom skid plate, we know exactly what needs to be protected. With these vehicles being pushed hard to get the job done, we’ll rig them up right to haul those loads, protect your office and secure your investments.

What ever your trucking needs, our Truck Experts are here to help.

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